The A.R.T. S. will provide resources

and opportunities for young artists

between the ages of 13 and 25 to

further develop their training by

providing scholarships for private

lessons, seminars, workshops,

equipment or supplies. We will also be

able to help with internship



Our core belief supports Austin’s vision

that all creative beings should have an

opportunity to be guided by those with

artistic leadership and expertise in all

artistic disciplines.


The 2020 A.R.T.S. Team will be lead by

Producing Artistic Director, Hilda Willis,

as Program Director and Pamela Hicks

who will serve as The A.R.T.S.


2020 Scholarship Opportunities


Submission Deadline: 2/15/2020

Spring Auditions: 3/14/2020


Submission Deadline: 4/15/2020

Summer Auditions: 5/16/2020

Application Process

*Submit Application and 250 word essay

Email:  info@muchlovemates.com

Email subject line:  Your name: 2020 ARTS

*Prepare a 3 - 5 minute audition.

Once application is received, you will be notified

and given your audition time and location.

Questions or Concerns?

Email to info@muchlovemates.com

Created By: Joshua Cook 2019